Idea Generation

Need help coming up with an idea? Check out these tools to get you started.



Design Thinking Workshop

This workshop facilitated by the iZone Team aims to familiarized people with Design Thinking methods and how to use them. This method also includes idea generation (ideation), as well as tips on how to lead a successful brainstorming session for yourself or for a group.

Learning in the Digital Age (LiDA)

A collaborative workshop series hosted by Warner School of Education aimed at developing research questions, new practices, and product development for educational purposes in an open and communicative environment. Anyone is welcome and your level of participation can range from observing and listening to presenting your own work-in-progress.

Design Thinking Guide from Stanford d.School

This is a comprehensive guide from Stanford on how to get from “I would like to explore this problem more” to “I have explored this problem, generated ideas, and was able to identify the solution that I would like to work on advancing."

Product Discovery Guide by The New York Times

This guide is an elaborate collection of tools, practices and activities that can be used in various combinations depending on your team’s needs and interests. Basically, this guide is a toolkit for exploring idea generation, prototyping and testing.