Mission & Vision

At iZone, we believe that everyone has the power to solve the problems that keep them up at night.


iZone is a creative problem-solving space, program and community designed to empower students to explore and imagine ideas for social, cultural, community, and economic impact.


Who we are

Our team is made up of student leaders from different class years, disciplines, countries, and fields of interest. iZone’s offerings are student led but supported by two full time staff members, our Director and Community Manager.



Barbara J. Burger
Founding Donor
Mary Ann Mavrinac
Founding Dean




Julia Maddox
Director julia.maddox@rochester.edu
Grant Dever
Community Manager grantadever@rochester.edu




Alexandra Fredrickson
Project Manager
Anush Mehrabyan
Marketing Fellow
Deniz Cengiz
Design Thinking Fellow
Dewey Bazirake
Design Thinking Fellow
Shannon Lue Chee Lip Communications Fellow




James Pike
Design Thinking Fellow


What we do

iZone is a space, community and program dedicated to the exploration of ideas. We believe that all students have the power to solve the problems that keep them up at night. We offer a variety of programs, workshops, and services to support students as they grow and explore their ability to make their unique impact on the world.