Scare Fair: Build a Fortress in the Zombie Apocalypse

Event Date: 
Friday, October 27, 2017 - 1:00pm to 4:00pm
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Event Location: 
River Campus Libraries

By year 2040, political tension around the world rose to a point of no return, and resulted in use of various weapons of mass destruction ranging from nuclear to bio-weapons. While the radiation killed about half of Earth’s population and poisoned many of the landscapes to a point of no-habitation; bio-weapons yielded a much more dangerous and unknown result. The cities hit by bio-weapons started crawling with what could only be identified as the Walking Dead. These unconscious masses of decaying bodies seemed to want only and only one thing – human flesh. However, somehow (whether you want to call it a miracle or a genetic resilience), few survivors remained. Now, as they struggle to survive and fight against the hordes of never ending zombies, they must collaborate and use every means to build themselves shelters. 

Come by Rush Rhees anytime between 1PM to 4PM and build a fortress to protect yourself in the Zombie Apocalypse! You do not need to stay for the entire time, but you are welcome to do so! 

The Event Schedule will include meeting other survivors, planning your build, and actually building a life-size fortress! 

We will also have a checklist for this event, and those who complete more than 20 items will receive prizes!